Daily Expiration4h 28m 36s
Daily Expiration4h 28m 36s


Earn LYRA token rewards by trading options and perpetuals
Rewards Per $1 Fees
$1 Fees...Projected For Week 10
Rewards Pool
2,500,000Distributed In Week 10
LYRA Price
...From Uniswap V3
1d 20h 28m 36sUntil Week 11 Starts

Frequently Asked Questions

How Are Trading Rewards Calculated?
Each week, traders earn a pro-rata percentage of the LYRA rewards pool based on their taker fees paid. For example, if you generate 1% of all taker trading fees, you earn 1% of the rewards pool for that week.All taker trading fees on options and perpetuals count towards trading rewards. A taker trade is any market order or a limit order that is instantly filled (i.e. set to the best bid or ask).Learn more
What is the LYRA Token?
The LYRA token is the native governance token of the Lyra Protocol. It enables governance of the Lyra DAO and aligns interests between various stakeholders. Learn more
When Do Trading Rewards Unlock?
During launch season which runs from Feb 7 to May 1, all trading rewards will be unlocked on May 1. After launch season, trading rewards will be distributed once a month with no lock up.